What happened to the will of the people?

Be careful what you wish for, or in this case, who you voted for. Trustees Jack Swedyk and Monique Ascherl voted against the will of citizens, planning commission and Highland Schools regarding the rezoning of the old elementary school from R-1 to B-2. We now reap what they sowed, as trustees were told by many not to plant this seed. The 7-acre property sold for $1.7 million. Had it been rezoned business, it could not be part of a residential conservation development. But who knows what’s to become of that land. Hope it’s something we can live with. 

After taxpayers paid approximately $10,000 for an early review of the township comprehensive plan, as demanded by Protect Hinckley and others, Swedyk and Asherl recently voted to bury the results of the mail survey into obscurity because they didn’t like them. What a waste of township funds! Fiscal responsibility?

Hinckley’s own 1st Day School Supply generously donated supplies to Highland School District and Swedyk and Ascherl chose to organize a parade for themselves, police officers and cars to transport the supplies to the schools. There was no public meeting or discussion about it. More insulting, Trustee Melissa Augustine knew nothing about this parade. Also, Hinckley children also go to Brunswick City Schools. Where’s their parade? Swedyk and Ascherl used township resources to benefit only certain citizens. Discrimination, folks?
The supplies should have been picked up by the district, not delivered by township police. More fiscal responsibility?

Jim Burns
Lakecrest Boulevard