Superitendent’s Corner

The Ohio Department of Education recently released its annual Local Report Card for all Ohio school districts. We are quite pleased with the Revere Local Schools’ results and will take this opportunity to highlight some of our successes and opportunities for continued growth.

Revere scored a perfect five-star rating for “significantly exceeding state standards” in the areas of: achievement, gap closing, early literacy and graduation.

The school system “met student growth expectations” on the “Progress” component of the report card.

The Performance Index is a component that measures student achievement across six levels: limited, basic, proficient, accomplished, advanced and advanced plus on the state tests. For three years in a row, we have seen growth in our Performance Index, increasing from 98.4 (2020), 101 (2021), and 102.1 (2022). With a score of 102.1 out of 107.3  in 2022, we are proud to be ranked in the top 5% in Ohio.

Revere scored three stars in the Progress component.  The Progress component measures how groups of students made progress as compared to the statewide expectation of growth. The expectation of growth is based on how students in the group performed, on average, compared to other students like them across Ohio.

While this Progress score indicates that the district “met student growth expectations,” we believe that this is an opportunity for improvement. Our school growth plans are strategically designed to improve the Progress component and we look forward to implementing these plans with a growth mindset. School Growth Plans can be found on our district website,

The state report card is a quality metric for how well our district is performing, and we should all applaud our employees and students for these incredibly impressive results. While these data are certainly important to us, nothing is more important than the daily student experience, the culture/climate of our schools, and protecting the mental health of our students and employees.

For those interested, Ohio district and school report cards can be found on the Ohio Department of Education webpage,

Revere Pride … Thankful Each and Every Day! ∞