RHP Architecture: Bring the Outdoors In

by Dan Holland

More than 40 persons took part in a guided architectural tour of Richfield Heritage Preserve in August, let by Corey Ringle, architect and president of the Friends of Richfield Heritage Preserve.

Visitors were given a tour of Amity House, Coach House and North House in the north end of the park around Lake Linnea and Kirby House, Kirby Mill and Garfield Lodge in the south end of the park on Lake Jinelle.

Ringle said she first became interested in architecture while attending camp at the former Girl Scout Camp, Camp Crowell Hilaka. “I love to see everyone’s enthusiasm for these homes,” she said.

Joan Gottschling, who served as a guide on the tour, said that both she and her mother attended camp on the property. “Naturally, we have that love and the memories of it, but also, we want to share our love for it with the people who can come now and see all the sites,” she said. ∞