Former fire station property sold; pickleball courts installed

by Alex Vukoder

Oct. 11 board of trustees meeting

The trustees approved the sale of 70 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd. in Copley to Sidhu Realty Capital for $300,000. The property is the former home of Bath fire station #2. Proceeds from the sale will be split with Copley, which had been using the site for storage. The adjoining cemetery will be conveyed to Copley, as the city has been managing its upkeep for several years.

The newly installed pickleball courts at Bath Hill Park, funded by the Bath Park Board, are now open. The courts are available for use during park hours March through December, weather permitting. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.

Park Director Alan Garner said the striping for pickleball courts is overlaid on the existing tennis courts, giving residents the option to play either sport. The parks department hired an outside contractor to measure and paint the lines and ordered a portable net with wheels attached. Garner explained that pickleball is only played on half of the tennis court, so the portable net can be moved to the middle of one half of the court for pickleball or wheeled away when a full court tennis match is taking place.

Bath police are acquiring a new redman suit for defensive tactics training. The suit will enable officers to participate safely in reality-based training scenarios. 

Electronics recycling held at Bath Elementary School in September was well received. Of the 242 vehicles that dropped off items, 157 were from Bath Township. More than 14,000 lbs. of electronics were recycled along with seven pallets of CRT items – TVs and computers with sealed glass vacuum tubes, plastics, and metals that require specialized recycling processes. ∞