Councilperson questions rutted Route 303 during water line extension

by Sue Serdinak

October 18 village council meeting

Mayor Michael Wheeler and Councilperson Rick Hudak both returned from vacation to find Route 303 between Town Hall and Broadview Road with severe ruts and potholes from the water line construction.

“Something has to be done,” Hudak said.

Wheeler said he planned to contact the contractors the next morning.

Planning Director Brian Frantz reported that the seeding of the sledding hill at the Babb’s Orchard Park was delayed because of the early snowfall. He said contractors for Sam Petros moved dirt to make the hill less steep and they will proceed with the seeding. Sledding on the hill may not be possible this winter.

Property owners in the historic district have a new deadline of November 7 to sign up to be included in the Cleveland water line. Frantz said property owners had encountered a difficult sign-up process and representatives from Cleveland Water will come to the village to help property owners.

Council passed an ordinance to include two areas of the new Briarwood subdivision in the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. This will entitle the village to apply for grants for sewer projects in that area.

Council also approved spending $1,400 for a staff holiday party and consented to the Ohio Department of Transportation inspecting a 1939 bridge on Humphrey Road.

Councilperson Ralph Waszak questioned if the village has looked into applying for money for electric vehicle chargers.

Frantz said that some companies in the Kinross business park are researching installing some chargers and Councilperson Jeff Stoppenhagen said the turnpike is installing them at service centers.

Temporary Fix

The day after the council meeting the contractors for the water line said repair of Route 303 will be later than hoped because Cleveland Water had not given them the addresses where the pipeline connections will be made. They said they would try to improve the surface with some interim grading. ∞