The Superintendent’s Corner

I’m not afraid to share with people that I have worked in a noble, wonderful profession. Education has produced a love of kids, of people, of situations where – together – people can thrive, overcome, recover from failure, plan for the future, or simply love the associations of people who are with them.  

At the same time I recognize this, I’m fully aware of the “good” and “bad” moments that school districts encounter. Students celebrating their school’s achievement by rushing the field is a good moment. Students working together to overcome a tragedy in their building can produce some very difficult angst. School can be a challenge!  

On Oct. 7, we held our first Portrait of an Explorer Day, and – without a doubt – it was a day of celebrations, smiles and achievement. Fifty-five-hundred Explorer University T-shirts graced our hallways, but it was the hundreds of pictures of smiles and Adaptive Problem Solving activities that made our day. Each building participated in academic activities related to Adaptive Problem Solving, which is one of the six pillars that a community/staff group produced in 2019. This group sought to discover the traits and characteristics that a Hudson graduate should have upon graduation, and this year is the district’s first attempt at true implementation.  

One never knows how a “first” day is going to go, but the thoughts and feelings produced on that day would tell us that our district’s staff members produced a really strong day for our kids. We are just beginning, but good starts can get people on the right path. If you haven’t, ask your student about the day and the activities in their schools. I hope you, as well, will see and hear about the collaboration, unity and accomplishments of Portrait of an Explorer, Day 1. ∞