Local League of Women Voters reminds residents to vote complete ballot

League of Women Voters of Hudson issued a press release asking voters to not ignore court races on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Ohio’s next Supreme Court, it said, will be deciding on cases from redistricting to reproductive rights to energy. Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner is stepping down due to age restrictions, and there are two other Supreme Court seats on the ballot. This is the first-time party affiliation will be included.

The ballot also includes appellate, common pleas, county and municipal judges. Judges at all levels provide checks on the executive and legislative functions of government, the release stated. County courts have been innovative in alternative sentencing, rehabilitation and knowing what communities need, it added.

Learn more about the judicial candidates at Judicial Votes Count, judicialvotescount.org, a non-partisan effort to help voters make informed decisions. The site is a project of the Ohio Bar Association. The biographical information on candidates has also been imported into vote411.org, so voters can see all races on their ballots by entering their address. ∞