Rethinking Food Waste with ReWorks

by Marcie E. Kress, Executive Director, ReWorks

Food waste isn’t just on your mind. It’s on the minds of your neighbors, community leaders and fellow friends around the world.
No one wants to waste food. We are all aware of how many resources are used to produce it, and from a personal perspective, how wasted food impacts our wallets. You’ve probably read some articles or have watched a video or two about it.
Many Summit County residents have shared with us the steps they take at home to help prevent food waste. If you’re reading this, you most likely are already concerned with this topic and do all you can to avoid wasting food at home too.
However, many foodies are also concerned with food waste on a larger scale. But like most people, you often wonder is there anything else you can do to prevent food waste? Sometimes it is just simple steps that lead to profound solutions.
So, what is the first step? Start a conversation with your friends and family about this topic. Perhaps start with someone who shares your passion. As you continue your conversations about food waste, you might learn something new or be inspired to help in ways you never thought possible.
If you are looking for starting points for your conversation, we have a web page with some facts, suggestions, and tips about preventing food waste to start your food waste conversation:
The information is categorized into food waste reduction, donation and composting. The first, “5 Simple steps” provides a basic outline of where preventing food waste should start. Next is information on how to compost food through back yard composting, as well as information on contacting a local vendor to collect food scraps from your home. And last, but by no means least, there is information on entities that participate in food donation.
Starting a conversation is a great first step to putting new ideas into motion. Hearing other perspectives and sharing/gaining knowledge will uncover new ways to accomplish goals!
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Marcie E. Kress, Executive Director, ReWorks

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