Officer saves woman from self-immolation

On Sept. 23, an employee at the McDonald’s restaurant on Wheatley Road called to say a woman, who smelled of gasoline and was threatening to harm herself, had just driven away. Patrol officer Shelby Noffsinger located and stopped the woman’s car on I-271 near Route 303.

Upon exiting the car, the woman poured an additional flammable liquid on herself and splashed the officer. She produced a lighter and Noffsinger struggled to take it away. The woman lit the lighter, igniting herself and Noffsinger.

Officer Noffsinger had retrieved a fire extinguisher from the patrol car and used it to extinguish the flames. Richfield fire medics were quickly dispatched to the scene and transported the woman and Noffsinger to the hospital. The woman was admitted and Noffsinger was treated and released.

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