Water line construction has begun.

Municipal water for commercial properties in the Richfield Historic District has been promised for over a decade. Now the water pipes have been delivered and construction of a Cleveland Water line is underway on state routes 303 and 176.

Fabrizi Construction is digging up the streets, and one-lane traffic will be maintained throughout construction.

A municipal water line currently stops at the Town Hall. The new line will extend west from that location about a half mile and also run north and south on Broadview Road for about a quarter of a mile in each direction. A water line will also be built on Grant Street and extend to the library.

Fabrizi plans to have the line constructed this fall. Service Director Scott Waldemarson said it is doubtful that the two state roads will be repaved before winter. ∞

The Cleveland water line that currently ends at the Town Hall is being opened up and extended west on Route 303. Traffic is flagged to one lane on this state highway.

Photo by S. Serdinak.