Village departments want to add staff

by Sue Serdinak

Sept. 20 village council meeting

With the mayor out of town and only a few new housekeeping items on the agenda, council heard reports of staffing shortages presented by Brian Frantz, planning and zoning director, and Scott Waldemarson, service director.

Frantz gave a lengthy presentation of his accomplishments since being employed by the village 10 years ago. He said his work has brought in additional tax dollars, adding that the income tax collection has increased every year since they started tax increment financing.

“We would like an additional full-time staff member. We had requested one half time, now we’re asking for full time.”

Councilperson Sue Ann Philippbar asked Frantz what he feels is not currently getting addressed. 

“We need to beef up enforcement.” Frantz responded. He added that he would like to create a department newsletter and communicate via social media.

Waldemarson said that due to retirements, the service department went from 25 to 23 full-time staff members this year. Also, they had fewer temporary workers this summer because only three people applied to work.

Councilperson Ralph Waszak said that the village has added roads and parks, which adds to the workload of the service department. The village is responsible for roads in the new Briarwood development and maintenance of the new Babb’s Orchard Park.

Fire Chief George Seifert read a detailed letter thanking the police department staff, including dispatchers, for the actions they took to aid fire crews in formulating an attack on the fire that destroyed a home on Apple Ridge Dr.

“Their help … was critical to helping us control the situation,” he said.

Council approved an additional appropriation of $75,000 to pay income tax refunds, $54,200 to pay additional costs for the park director, $30,000 for legal expenses related to a lawsuit and $50,000 for maintenance of fire equipment. ∞