Use of FARP Act Funds

The writer, Kahil Gibran stated, “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” As a forty-five year resident of Hinckly, I am ready to advance toward what will be. Progress is necessary and sustainable while still  keeping Hinckly rural.   

More than $700,000 was approved by our elected trustees from the FARP Act for use to be determined later. These funds need to be used by December 2024. According to the most recent township survey, 53% of respondents approved of adding development to the town center and a similar percentage expressed wishes to expand water to the town center. These funds could possibly pay for that improvement, which would enhance and update the township properties as well as the established businesses and give residents the opportunity to tap into this resource if they wish.   

This grant is a gift being offered to and supported by our community. The mantra of “Keep Hinckley Rural” does not mean to remain stagnant and not be forward thinking to help improve our community.  The results from the community survey support this concept and it is imperative that the trustees approve the FARP funds for installation of water to the township owned properties.  

Carol Chiorian 
Laurie Lane