To the Editor

To the Editor:

Many of you know of or will recognize our cat Pip, although by a different name. Thank you to those he visited for loving and caring for him. We are grateful for your kind, generous hearts. On Labor Day, he died at home with us. We adored him and we miss him greatly.

Pip the cat was known by many names throughout the Township. Photo submitted.

He was an unapologetic roamer, bringing joy to many. A special thanks goes out to the staff and many children of Bath Elementary School. For over 10 years, he was a regular visitor and had his own bed. The staff called him part of their family, an icon and a mascot.

Our sweet, friendly, beautiful Pip was the cat of many names. At school he was lovingly known as Fred, at the fire station, Kevin. We’ve heard about other names, but have no idea how many there are.

As much as we loved him, we worried about him. Despite our attempts to change his wandering spirit, he managed to live life his own way. And he did that well, in part, thanks to you.

Here’s to Pip! A cat extraordinaire!

We enjoy hearing stories of Pip’s adventures and seeing photos. If you have any to share with us, please send to

Marc, Virginia, Kensie and Max Braun
W. Bath Road ∞