Police Beat

Information provided by the Richfield Police Department compiled by Ken Miles

Police stopped to help a woman walking on I-77 north. She had argued with a friend and he forced her out of his car. No shoes, no ID, no phone, no money. Police took her to a nearby truck stop where someone volunteered to take her home to Cleveland.

A young woman traveling east on Hawkins Road was blinded by the sun and ran into the ditch. The responding officer attested to the sun’s brilliance. Time 7:48 a.m.

A resident called in reference to harassing phone calls he has received for almost a year. He stated he had a notebook with information regarding individuals who had been harassing him and they were members of the cartel.

A resident on Maple Drive says her neighbor continues to mow onto her property, as well as park his trailer so the back end hangs over her property line. In addition, eight pieces of rusted machinery are parked on the property line, making it difficult to maintain her property.

On Broadview Road, a man’s dogs running loose incited the ire of his neighbors. He was informed of local dog ordinances and agreed to comply.

On Streetsboro Road, a dog breached its enclosure in pursuit of a deer. Its owner joined the chase to corral her dog. A neighbor tried to physically escort her and the dog off his property. The husband got involved, unpleasantries were exchanged, police were called and both parties received invitations to Mayor’s Court. It was messy.

A four-car collision on Southern Road involved one pick-up truck being driven and three cars parked on the roadside. Alcohol was involved.

Police assisted Cleveland Metroparks and Hinckley Police in detaining four individuals for shooting a shotgun in the park.

A series of traffic stops for excessive speed led to the discovery of white pills, green pills, oxycodone, THC cartridges, various marijuana products, a large knife, a gun, a bong and excessive window tint.

“Nothing good happens after midnight,” Nick Saban, University of Alabama head football coach:

Police were called to a one-car accident on Columbia Road near the FedEx Terminal. A woman was driving her mother, boyfriend and a female passenger to work. The driver disrespected the passenger, who hit her in the face causing her to hit the curb and buckle the left front suspension. Although within walking distance, all four decided to take the night off work and the combatants were dropped at separate locations for pick-up. Time 12:39 a.m.

An officer deployed spikes on southbound Broadview Road at 303 to stop a vehicle fleeing Parma Police. The vehicle hit the spikes, turned west on 303 and away it went with several departments in hot pursuit. It was later learned the vehicle had run on flat tires. Time 2:25 a.m.

A high-speed chase on I-77 north commenced at Wheatley Road, but pursuit was terminated at I-480 east. Time 12:51a.m.

Officers responded to a fight at a bar. Man in the parking lot said the bartender punched him in the face. Inside, the bartender and two customers said that did not happen, but admitted they threw the man out when he tried to sit on another man’s lap. No charges were filed. Time 1:07 a.m.

Meanwhile at a motel:

Officers were called to a disturbance between a wife and husband. She had been partying at a friend’s house and smoking marijuana. He was none too pleased and took her keys and phone, which commenced a great deal of back and forth. She had the munchies and wanted to call Door Dash. Officers suggested she try to smooth things over and she agreed. Time 5:36 a.m.

Officers were called to a possible overdose. Before they arrived, the victim’s brother administered two doses of NARCAN. The victim refused medical attention. It was his second overdose of the week. ∞