Home Equity Realty moves into  Stagecoach building

by Martin McConnell

Medina-based real estate group Home Equity Realty is set to open a new branch at Richfield’s historical Stagecoach Building, located at 4183 W. Streetsboro Rd.

Jenne Haddox is the branch office owner and lead agent at the new location, and has been working in real estate for about five years. Haddox left her corporate job at a mortgage bank after her decision to get her real estate license caused a conflict of interest.

“In my time [at my last job] I met some really wonderful, dynamic people,” Haddox said. “One day I decided I wanted to get my license… I left my job, and my first closing was six weeks after that.”

Haddox said that those dynamic people changed the way she viewed the world of real estate and helped her make the jump to the realty world. It gave her a clear blueprint as to what she would be looking for in agents for the new branch.

“Now we’re building this office, and we have a wonderful group of agents … people who came over to our group before we announced that we made this change,” she said. “When people want to come with you even before the whole world knows, that’s proof of concept.”

She noted that there has been a bit of a buzz in the local real estate world surrounding the new office in the Stagecoach Building.

After working with a boutique brokerage company for five years, Haddox had the desire to build a brand from the ground up with her husband, James Haddox. However, they made the decision to join Home Equity Realty after meeting with them for some commercial deal work. Home Equity was a bit of a blank slate in the Richfield market.

“We were very fortunate to do a couple of commercial deals with Home Equity Realty group. We really liked the way that they approached the business,” Haddox said. “They treat people like people, not paychecks, which is critical.”

“Almost everyone has a house to buy or sell at some point in their life,” Haddox added. “There’s kind of an endless supply of people to work with. … It’s counter to who I am to do the wrong thing.”

Haddox expressed that she wants to change the perception of the world of real estate. As a Hinckley resident who noted that she saw the Stagecoach building driving to work every day, Richfield is close to Haddox’s heart. She believes that its residents should be treated with utmost respect.

“On a local level, we have a group of honest, trustworthy, caring people, who are all in the same place,” Haddox said. “They will change the way you feel about real estate. It’s cheesy, but it’s true.” ∞

Photo:Jenne Haddox is owner and lead agent of a Home Equity Realty branch office, which recently opened in the Stage Coach building out Route 303. Photo by M. McConnell.