Trustees Corner

I had several calls concerning a large crane in the township parking lot. Sagamore Hills has a variety of businesses renting space on the township tower. One of the businesses was enhancing their communication. It has nothing to do with township dispatching, which is being done by the city of Macedonia. We did repave the township parking lot. The last time this was done was in the 1990s.


Lt. Dan Rice is issuing a cautionary advisory to local businesses. A lady from Twinsburg is working local establishments by writing bad checks. Rice will be issuing a warrant for this individual’s arrest. This lady has a lengthy criminal history of passing bad checks and forgery. Please be cautious accepting checks from people you don’t know.

Rice worked another case this summer with the Summit County Sheriff’s Department. A Sagamore resident had his mountain bike stolen from his residence. Rice said the homeowner’s detached garage did not display any signs of forced entry. A day after the theft, a deputy from the sheriff’s department arrested a subject for disorderly conduct, who was highly intoxicated, while walking the missing bike down state Route 8.

The subject was later identified as a homeless male with no identification and did not speak English. The sheriff’s deputy returned the bike to the Sagamore resident. Police Chief David Hayes is pleased that these law enforcement agencies worked as quickly as possible to retrieve this piece of property. Hayes cautions all homeowners to shut their garage doors at dusk.


I received a noise complaint from a resident in August regarding the fire department. The department arrived on the scene with a fire engine and ambulance in response to a false alarm. This distressed the resident’s dog. Fire Chief Brian Ripley said the department never knows if an alarm is real or false. They always err on the side of caution and arrived prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

As an example, twice this summer the department was called for a lift assist. On both occasions, the people involved were in full cardiac arrest. By being prepared with an ambulance on scene, the first responders were able to provide the best medical care in an unexpected emergency situation. Ripley had high praise for department members in what has been a busy summer season.


A resident was reading about poor bidding practices in the city of Beachwood, and asked how Sagamore Hills conducts this area of pricing. In all high-ticket purchases, our township buys equipment through the state of Ohio purchasing, which guarantees the lowest price. The state auditor approves the purchases as the lowest and best bids. In awarding road contracts, all bids are reviewed and approved by the Summit County Engineer’s Office.

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