Rec Center renovations, repairs complete

by Dan Holland

Members of the Broadview Heights Recreation Center can take advantage of new men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as a new stretching area, located adjacent to the fitness center.

The former women’s restroom has been divided into separate men’s and women’s sections. New block dividing walls, panel dividers, fixtures, lighting, sinks and countertops, stalls, toilets, and shower valves have been installed in each section. Both locker rooms include a seating area and four shower stalls.

City council members approved an agreement in April with Mechanical Piping Systems Inc. to provide construction and renovations at a cost of $40,000. City service department workers performed much of the supporting work for the project including carpeting, ceilings, demolition, lighting, painting, wall construction and other tasks, according to Parks and Recreation Director Amanda Hutcheson.

New walls with secured doors were also erected in the rear corridor section of the building to separate recreation department staff offices from member access areas.

“With the construction in the back, it is going to allow our members to come through the fitness center and go directly into the stretching area and new men’s and women’s locker rooms,” said Hutcheson. “It gives them one-way access in and out, which takes them out of our back hallway and staff area. It will also draw people who were always using the pool locker rooms to the new locker room area, which will balance it out more.”

Pool area repairs

The natatorium reopened after being shut down for several weeks due to repair work.

“We had some issues in our steam room where the wall where the steam comes out – the tile was actually buckling,” said Hutcheson. “We had to pull all that off and the board behind it, and they reinforced it with new materials so that we won’t have that buckling issue in the tiles.”

Work was also performed in the pool area pump room, Hutcheson added.

“Much of that work was done by service department personnel, and we also contracted an outside tile company,” she said. “They did some work around the pool too; just basic upkeep and maintenance that needed to be done.”

Hutcheson noted that the recreation department’s new website is now up and running. For information on programs and facilities, visit or call 440-838-4522. ∞

Photo: New men’s and women’s locker rooms have been installed in the rec center that each include a seating area and four shower stalls. Photo by D. Holland.