Police Beat

Aug. 16 – Police responded to an E. Royalton Road business after a manager reported that the ex-boyfriend of an employee was continually calling the business asking to speak to his e former girlfriend. When the victim would get on the call, the suspect allegedly verbally abused her and threatened to get the woman and her fellow co-workers fired. The manager said the suspect was repeatedly asked to stop calling, but he refused. When questioned, the suspect said he was contacting the woman to stop her from harassing him. No charges have been filed.

Aug. 16 – Police responded to a W. Royalton Road business after a fight broke out inside the establishment. Police were met outside by one of the combatants who told officers that it was his “right as an American citizen to be drunk.” The man also told officers to review camera footage to see how he had been punched. According to witnesses, however, he was the one who provoked the incident. While speaking with police, the man claimed to be an MMA fighter, a porn star, Santa Claus and “extremely wealthy.” After giving him a ride home, the man hugged the officer. No charges were filed.

Aug. 16 – Police responded to the station after a resident came in to report that a credit card had been opened in her name using her social security number and email address. The complainant told officer she did not have the credit card and hadn’t applied for one. The account has been canceled, and the complainant has been advised to closely monitor her credit report.

Aug. 18 – A resident came to the station to report years of harassment by a former schoolmate whom she claims repeatedly sends her inappropriate messages in which he makes sexual advances and also threatens harm to others. Despite being asked to stop, the man allegedly continues to send the messages. Police are attempting to contact the suspect.

Aug. 20 – A Scenicview Drive resident contacted police after an acquaintance threatened to post indecent photos of her. The man allegedly asked for $500 in exchange for not posting the photos online, and the complainant said she reluctantly agreed out of fear. The man subsequently requested another $500, at which point she turned to police. Police spoke with the man, and he has since agreed not to contact the complainant again.

Aug. 24 – A Broadview Heights resident came to the station to report that a personal check she wrote for $110 was later altered to $2,900 and deposited into an unknown woman’s account. The complainant told police she dropped the check in the mail at the Broadview Heights Post Office. Police are investigating. The woman’s account has been reimbursed by her bank. Three reports of similar incidents were also reported to police that week.

Aug. 24 – A complainant reported she was contacted by her tenant who resides on her rental property on Peppercorn Terrace and was notified that her garage door had been dented. Police informed the woman that several houses in the city have been victim to this type of property damage.

Aug. 28 – Police responded to a Mallard Pond Circle residence after the homeowner reported damage to the garage door. Upon arrival, the officer noted the left side of the garage door had been kicked in and was caving inward. The homeowner said this is the second time his garage sustained damage. The officer noted that neighboring garage doors had been damaged similarly.

Aug. 30 – Policer were called to a Meadow Gateway residence after the homeowners reported a bullet traveled through their front window screen and into a wall inside their home. Officers found a metal object still stuck in the wall as reported and identified it as a bullet that appeared to have been fired from a gun. There were no witnesses to the incident. ∞