Do-Not-Knock program now in Brecksville

To help prevent unwanted door-to-door solicitors, Brecksville has partnered with NOPEC to provide a Do-Not-Knock registry.

Residents can register online at or by calling NOPEC’s customer service number at 855-667-3201. Your address will be listed on the registry, and you will receive a Do-Not-Knock window cling to display near your front door at no cost.

When for-profit solicitors come to Brecksville, they must request a permit from the city at the police department. They are then provided with the registry of addresses that they must avoid. If you have signed up for the registry and a salesman still comes to your door, ask which organization they represent. Non-profit groups such as Girl Scouts or churches are not regulated by the same rules that for-profit solicitors must follow. The Do-Not-Knock registry does not apply to these non-profit groups.

As a reminder, never share copies of your utility bill. For more information about the Do-Not-Knock registry, visit ∞