CVCC’s technician and machining programs ready to upskill and train

Staffing shortages and a demand for workers in the machining industry has restricted a company’s ability to upskill staff and accommodate training for multiple people at once. However, companies may opt to upskill a few employees at a time by outsourcing training to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. This format will not interfere with current production or the workload of more experienced staff.

CVCC training includes the Certified Production Technician 4.0 Program and the Machining Technology Program. The CPT program is 180 hours and gets potential employees certified and career-ready. The Machining Technology program is 650-hours, which involves skills for multi-level employment in the machining industry including machining fundamentals and tool introduction, computer numerical control milling and turning, CAD/CAM systems and advancing machining.

CVCC’s CPT program is offered on-demand based on specific needs, while the Machining Technology Program starts at the beginning of each month and runs three evenings a week. Scholarships, grants, TechCred and other funding options are available for students. This training format can accommodate larger groups of trainees from single companies, as well as members of the public that want to make production and machining a career. For further information, visit, email, or call 440-746-8230. ∞