Richfield Township Corner

by Janet Jankura

It was wonderful to see the Richfield community coming together to participate in Community Day weekend activities. Many thanks to all the organizations and volunteers who made the events successful.

Although costs are rising for goods and services, the township is in good fiscal shape. We are fortunate to receive the American Rescue Act funding of $263,343 and state opioid settlement, which should be between $13,000 and $19,000. The trustees will discuss potential uses for these funds. We need to allocate the ARPA money by 2024 and spend it by 2026. We will be reviewing how we might apply these funds to benefit township residents.

Summit County has also received ARPA funding and is proposing to invest some of it in broadband infrastructure. They are applying for a grant that would help extend the fiber optic ring into each community in the county. Richfield Township trustees have sent our support for the county’s grant request of $57 million that would allow for additional fiber rings to be built into the 31 communities.

The trustees passed a resolution for a no parking area on Columbia Road near the Light Industrial District to address the tractor-trailer trucks parking on the road. It enables the police to enforce illegal parking. We are going through a public notice period per Ohio Revised Code.

As the school year begins, please be careful driving and look out for our student’s protection. Wishing all students and school staff a safe and productive year. ∞