Hudson Community First

Hudson Community First promotes positive youth development by introducing young people to 40 developmental assets that help youth grow up to be healthy, caring and responsible adults.  The more assets young people have, the more likely they will do well in school and the community, and the less likely they are to be involved in negative and unhealthy choices. 

Each month during the 2022-23 school year, Hudson Community First will introduce an asset and highlight ways a young person can integrate the asset into their life. This month, as students head back to the classroom, we focus on an asset that shows a commitment to learning: bonding to school. With this asset, youth care about teachers and other adults at their school. Parents can exhibit bonding to school by reaching out to teachers and/or staff and expressing their appreciation for something that person has done, big or small. And parents can engage their children in bonding to school by asking them why they’re proud of their school and attending a school event together that supports school spirit. 

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