Township nets grant to enhance North Fork Preserve

Bath Township received a state capital budget grant for $120,000 to support improvements to the North Fork Preserve of Bath property at 4400 Everett Rd. With the support of District 27 Sen. Kristina Roegner and District 38 Rep. Bill Roemer, Bath Township was approved for the capital grant, competing with other local governments throughout Ohio for capital project funding.

Trustee Elaina Goodrich submitted the grant proposal and showcased the 78-acre environmentally sensitive property to both legislators. “After visiting the North Fork Preserve and hiking the trails, it was abundantly clear that this property is a gem in Northeast Ohio,” Roegner said. “I was delighted to help secure funding needed to make necessary capital improvements.”

The North Fork Preserve of Bath will feature a trail loop system, parking area and renovation of an onsite home into a public meeting space. Bath Township added North Fork Preserve of Bath to its parks system as part of its commitment to protect and preserve environmentally sensitive areas in the township for the public.

“These improvements will significantly enhance North Fork Preserve and make good use of the existing assets in the community,” said Roemer. “I was very pleased to see this funding approved and am confident that this project will provide lasting benefits for Bath residents.” ∞