Township Administrator’s Corner

Public sector employment offers many incentives and opportunities and may present an attractive option to those who are seeking a new career path. With a variety of job classifications available, Bath Township may be the place to start a rewarding career right in your own community. Whether one’s interest lies in law enforcement, fire service, parks, service, or administration, dynamic opportunities for growth await anyone seeking a position in a community that embraces professionalism and a commitment to service.

In an ever-changing employment climate, public and private employers are looking at innovative ways to recruit, hire and retain employees for a variety of positions. While unemployment rates throughout Northeast Ohio remain relatively low, the labor participation rate suggests many people are more selective in the types of work they’re seeking and are willing to wait for a position that best fits their qualifications and interests.

Changes in traditional work requirements are a byproduct of the pandemic, with many employees now working remotely. The effect of this change has been profound on a variety of areas. For example, the commercial real estate market has been impacted as employers are finding they don’t need as much space for their workforce, opting instead to equip employees with technology such as laptops and cellphones that allow a direct connection to a business and its customer base. Alongside this change, income tax revenue in cities and villages is also seeing a transformation. With the loss of income tax revenue from workers who once occupied office space in a community, cities and villages must look at ways to provide critical services in spite of decreased financial resources.

Data related to changes in employment trends show employee satisfaction is largely conditioned upon aligning job duties with positions that offer flexibility and in which employees find the work personally satisfying. Employee satisfaction is often measured through the metrics of agencies that provide purposeful work, offer flexibility and work/life balance, foster a supportive culture and provide career development and training. See

Moreover, employment longevity is a dynamic concept today with many Gen Z workers remaining in a job on average no longer than two years. While nationally, public and private employers are experiencing dramatic changes in the way they recruit, hire and retain employees, it is clear that job satisfaction is a key element to achieving a balanced workforce.

With two employees who were honored last year for 50 years of service to the community, Bath Township has set itself apart from other employers by providing support to its employees and achieving a loyal and committed workforce. Community satisfaction with township emergency services remains high among residents and business owners. The police and fire departments are comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who understand the needs of the community and tailor a response that prioritizes the safety and security of residents and business owners.

Central to maintaining the township roadway system and parks network are the service department and parks division. With over 62 lane miles of township roads, service personnel strive to ensure proper maintenance of the roads throughout the year, salting and plowing the roads during periods of inclement weather and repairing them when the weather cooperates. These vital services are necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of any community. High utilization of the Bath Township Parks system is evidenced in a variety of ways. Many sports teams practice and play on fields in the Bath Township Parks, and residents use the trail system throughout the Bath Nature Preserve, which offers a variety of scenic views and an opportunity to better understand the unique ecosystem in our community.

Bath Township continues to serve as a model of effective and efficient local government, responding to the needs of the community and ensuring employee success and satisfaction. For anyone seeking a rewarding career opportunity, Bath Township has many things to offer. Employment vacancies are posted to the township website and available for public view. With strong community support for the services we provide, individuals in a public service position will find endless potential for growth and personal satisfaction in a career with Bath Township. ∞