The Superintendent’s Corner

When this issue of Hudson Life hits mailboxes, it will be the start of August and usually the time parents start getting their children ready to head back-to-school. There are clothes to buy, school supplies to gather and routines to re-establish.

The start of a new school year is always a bit exciting for everyone no matter the age. I think most administrators, teachers and staff will tell you the first day of school for them is a mixture of joy and enthusiasm, with perhaps a touch of anxiety. I’ve worked in school districts all of my adult life, and I’m pretty sure that feeling does not dissipate over time.

If you are parents of young children, I know you worry how they will feel on that first day and if they will be able to navigate new classrooms or even new buildings. As children grow older, parents become more nostalgic. If you have a senior who will graduate this year, you know exactly what I mean.

This will be my first year in a new school district for the first time in several years. When I was hired in March, I said I was honored to be leading Hudson City Schools, and since that time, that sentiment has only become stronger. I look forward to being out in all of our school buildings to greet students and to talk with staff as much as I possibly can.

In addition, I want to get to know the community that makes up this amazing district. I plan to be at the various Open Houses in all five of our school buildings, starting with East Woods Intermediate on Aug. 15. Please stop and introduce yourself if you see me at an Open House – or anywhere around campus. This year, we mailed back-to-school postcards, so our families have those important 2022-2023 school year dates at their fingertips. Hopefully, you have received one. The information is also on our website homepage, along with the supply lists for each building.  

I am committed to communicating with you often and answering concerns or questions in a timely manner. Keep my email address on hand for the future: You can also follow me on Twitter @HudsExplorerSup.  

Since there is still time left prior to the start of the new school year, I hope you enjoy these last couple of weeks with your children. Savor what’s left of the schedule-free days of summer. Plan a bike ride or go to the pool. A new school year will be upon us soon enough. ∞