The Mayor’s Corner

“Resources and Communication”

One of the goals and passions that I share with the city and the communications department is to continually work on finding ways to improve how we communicate and provide information. Having informed residents is important and making the available resources and information both widely known and easy to access is imperative.

The city of Hudson has been doing an excellent job of utilizing various avenues to communicate with residents. I have also been working diligently to both promote those efforts by the city as well as personally communicate through direct contact, recordings, articles, social media, etc.

I would like to highlight some of the city’s resources that are currently available, and I encourage residents to review, sign-up and reach out if you have any questions.

The city website has a page titled “News, Alerts & Publications.” You can find the internet page at the below website address (just type it into your internet browser or search engine). Then, all you have to do to start receiving several of these News or Alert items electronically is to sign-up on the city’s website with a valid email address.

A summary of some of the electronic News and Alerts that you can sign up for include:

Hudson E-News: Did you know that the city has an electronic newsletter that is emailed out every Tuesday? This newsletter highlights key topics, events and information within our city.

Email Notifications: Did you know that you can also receive email notifications about important city initiatives, road closures, meeting notices and much more?

Emergency Alerts: Did you know that you can also sign up for emergency alerts to receive urgent information, such as boil water alerts, storm alerts and other urgent information?

The city also uses various social media platforms to post much of the same information. Those platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, NextDoor and Instagram. If you have access to any of these social media platforms, you can open those and search for “City of Hudson Ohio Government.”

If you are concerned about spam or email advertisements from third parties, the city of Hudson will never sell nor provide your email address to any third-party firm or individual. Furthermore, when you receive the city’s email newsletter, your personal email address is hidden and not visible to anyone.

Additional resources on this same city webpage include Code Red Emergency Alerts, Hudson Headlines videos and the Engage Hudson mobile app, where you can report and view various work requests within the city and connect easily with city staff. Just download the Engage Hudson mobile app on your smart phone, tablet, etc.

For even more information, visit and navigate around the city’s homepage by using the top headers, drop-down menus, buttons and links. That website address is:

Quote of the month: “Smile and say hello to your fellow neighbor. You never know what good it might do and, just like being kind, it does not cost anything.”

Thank you. ∞