Project highlights efforts to create inclusion for county’s residents with disabilities

The Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities kicked-off its Committed to Inclusion project, which highlights the small ways in which people, businesses, and organizations can take steps to make everyday activities more inclusive for those with different abilities.

The goal, organizers say, is to show how easy it is to include people with disabilities as a part of the community each and every day.

 “The benefits of a community committing to inclusion of people with disabilities are numerous,” explains MCBDD Superintendent Stacey Maleckar. “With inclusion in place, people with disabilities are provided equal opportunities to participate in the same types of life activities as every other community member. It gives them the ability to enjoy something as simple as shopping at their favorite store, to more impactful options like finding a job they love and value.”

As part of the project, the MCBDD is creating a series of videos which highlight local efforts to create inclusion for people with disabilities. The first video in the series is aimed at helping local businesses understand the importance of being accessible to people with disabilities.

The video series features All Fired Up, a paint-your-own pottery studio in the historic district of Medina. Owner Amanda Hudak met with local advocates to talk about the small changes she has made in her business environment to make sure people with disabilities feel welcome and are able to participate in all her business has to offer.

Future videos will focus on other areas of the community such as community organizations, activities and recreational opportunities, and employment and general community inclusion in a person’s own neighborhood.

The videos are available on the MCBDD’s website and YouTube channel and are accompanied by additional resources which provide practical tips and suggestions for replicating what viewers see in each production. ∞