Police Beat

Richfield Police activated a Nixle Community Alert at 1:06 a.m. on July 4. Medina Sheriffs were northbound on I-271 in pursuit of a stolen vehicle with four occupants. After crossing the median and travelling north in the southbound lanes, a flat tire caused them to abandon the vehicle and flee into the woods near Whitethorn Circle. A heat seeking drone located two women in a ditch. At 6:21 a.m. the other suspects were apprehended near Maple Drive.

If you would like to receive emergency alerts from the Richfield Police Department, go to richfieldvillageohio.org, scroll down to Nixle, and sign up for alerts.

In South Richfield, a resident reported that for several weeks items in his backyard had been disturbed or tampered with. The tank to his grill had been drained of propane and little piles of garbage had been placed on his patio. He asked the incidents be documented.

Also in South Richfield, a woman asked officers to keep the peace while she removed her belongings from a house she shared with the homeowner. To assist her, the homeowner dug up her dead cat and placed it in a cooler for her to take. She was advised to leave the cat.

While a woman showered at a local truck stop her truck driver boyfriend drove off. She speculated a fight that morning may have precipitated his action but wasn’t positive because they often fought and made up. She hoped he would pick her up on his return trip to Wisconsin.

A third person suffered a smash and grab at the Richfield Heritage Preserve. Sometime between 6-7:30 p.m., the passenger window of an SUV was broken and a purse stolen from under the seat. The couple stated that only a silver hatchback was in the parking lot when they arrived.

If you lost a black and gray suitcase containing a variety of toiletries and clothing, an officer found it in the middle of Brecksville Road. They are holding it for you.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, officers were called to an altercation between several male combatants in the parking lot. What started out as two cousins drinking and roughhousing spiraled out of control and a third individual tried to separate them. Numerous patrons observed from the balcony and parking lot. The cousins were asked to leave. The time: 4:41 a.m.

A man called to report a woman trying to break into his room. It seems when he would pass through Richfield, he would call and she would visit him. After a few drinks at a nearby restaurant they retired to his room where things became unpleasant. She attempted to steal from him. Things got physical. He threw her out, she tried to break back in. She was gone by the time officers arrived. The time: 10:53 p.m.

A man accused a second man of hitting him in the chest. The second man, admitted poking the first man after the first man threatened to get a gun and shoot him. No gun was found and no charges filed. The time: 9 p.m. ∞