Grossenbaugh selected as Inspire Medina County honoree

By Chris Studor

Just as he celebrates his 25th year of service to the Hinckley Township Fire Department, Fire Chief Jestin Grossenbaugh is among six individuals selected by the 2022 Signature Leadership Class of Medina County as people who inspire Medina County.

Leadership Medina County is a nonprofit, educational and leadership development organization which exists to build and maintain a county wide network of talented, responsible, and dynamic leaders, who learn first-hand about issues facing Medina County and who serve by assisting in addressing those issues.

Hinckley Trustee Melissa Augustine, a graduate of the Leadership Medina County Class of 2022, and Brunswick Hills Township Fire Chief Anthony Strazzo were both moved to nominate Chief Grossenbaugh, stating that  saying “Grossenbaugh gives tirelessly of himself and is truly a blessing to the community.”

Grossenbaugh began his career with the Hinckley Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. He continued his services as an engineer with the department, was promoted to lieutenant and then sworn in as chief in July 2018.

“Chief Grossenbaugh’s inherent nature to serve is evidenced by the way he leads and interacts with his team,” said Augustine.

Grossenbaugh said he “loves to teach and learn.”

“The best way to do that is by being in the mix with the team,” he said. “Sometimes my responsibility is to be a role model to those I work with, but at the end of the day we are a brother/sisterhood of people that are here to deliver the best possible outcome during traumatic events.”

            When asked about what he would say to someone to inspire them to get involved with their community, Grossenbaugh said not everybody is called to serve, “but some people are and they just don’t know where to start.”

“I would encourage them by saying just find small holes to fill,” he said. “Our communities need people to get involved and every gift matters no matter how small you think it is.”

Grossenbaugh added that he thought one of the biggest accomplishments he has been able to be a part of in his 25 years of service is  “bringing two firefighters on duty, at the station, for each of our three shifts.”

Grossenbaugh said that serving “gives your life purpose.”

“And believe me, when you are serving with others that are passionate about the same things you are, you will likely make lifelong friends and connections,” he said. “That’s what life is all about.” ∞