Free reading, streaming available at libraries

Still paying for your digital downloads? Whether it’s books, audio books, music, magazines, movies or TV shows, Medina County District Library has apps that make it easy to download freely.

“People who are not frequent library users may still think of us as a building that’s just full of books. They are missing out on so much free reading and entertainment by not taking advantage of our time and money-saving apps to access thousands of e-media items,” said Chris Weaver-Pieh, collection resources manager at MCDL. “Since the pandemic so many patrons have switched over to eMedia, where they used to visit the library for physical books. We welcome both types of readers. If patrons are enjoying a good book brought to them free of charge by the library we are serving our purpose to the community.”

MCDL puts all of the e-media access at Users will need a library card, which is accessible at ∞