District to examine school start times

by Sheldon Ocker

June 28 school board meeting

Revere Superintendent Michael Tefs informed the board of education of his intention to examine school start times in the district.

“There is a mile long [record of] references and research on this topic,’’ he said, citing studies by the Center for Disease Control, the American Academy of Sleep and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Tefs said these and other organizations have concluded that the performance of high school students who don’t get enough sleep suffers, and the solution can be a later start time for the first class of the day.

“They [studies] talk about our young adults, even more than our adolescents,’’ he said, referring to high school students.

“We’re not looking for something to do; we have enough on our plate,’’ the superintendent said. “We’re not looking to create controversy. We have no change in mind at this point. But the research is clear, that our kids are currently starting school at roughly 7:30 in the morning, and the research says it’s pretty difficult.’’

Tefs developed a timeline through October to explore the issue and determine whether the school community desires to continue examining class start times. He intends to consult the Revere Education Association, Ohio Association of Public School Employees (the unions that have contracts with Revere), parents and especially students.

The superintendent will distribute a survey to students to gauge their concerns about starting school early, if any.

“This is all for our students,’’ Tefs said. “If our students don’t have a problem with the current schedule, why would we go any further?’’

The survey will likely be distributed to students in grades 7-12, which includes two years of middle school. If students have a problem with being awake and alert for a 7:30 a.m. first class, the superintendent will continue to investigate the topic.

Board President Keith Malick asked how the sleep needs of younger kids would be analyzed. Tefs said, “That’s a good question,’’ but didn’t have an answer because his current priority is high school students.

Board member Hayden Hajdu had concerns about after school extracurricular activities and homework, which would be delayed by a later school start time.

Tefs said these issues can be dealt with because other districts in Ohio and across the country have done so.

“Districts all over have already done this,’’ he said. “It’s not like we’re doing something incredibly innovative and entrepreneurial about looking at adjusting start times. We will adjust them if it’s the right thing for all parties, if we even get to that.’’

Money matters

Treasurer Rick Berdine said Revere received a property tax distribution from the city of Fairlawn for the Crystal Clinic orthopedic hospital. The payment was for $179,000. In the future, payments to the district will increase.

Berdine also said the district received two grants for Bath Elementary totaling $18,840 and one for Richfield Elementary for $10,000.


The Revere Running Club contributed $1,000 to the high school boys and girls track team and gave $500 each to the boys and girls cross country teams. Revere School Foundation donated $6,000 to Revere Foundation Scholarships. The Bath Elementary PTA contributed $3,334 to the Bath outdoor learning facility. David and Elizabeth Krew gave $1,000 to Mu Alpha Theta.

Other topics

  • The board approved a new course for middle school, Digital Citizenship and Literacy, which will focus on responsible conduct using the internet as well as proficiency in operating a laptop or tablet. There will be three stages of the course, depending on whether it is being taught to sixth, seventh or eighth-graders. 
  • Substitute teachers have been in short supply for districts across Ohio. With that in mind, the board approved a new pay scale for subs. During the 2022-23 school year, substitutes will be paid $143 per day based on a 184-day school year. The previous rate was $90 per day and $110 after 30 days.
  • The district scrapped seven old school buses, which have been used for spare parts.
  • Work has begun on paving the parking lot at Richfield Elementary. ∞