Nominations open for new Akron Zoo awards

The Akron Zoo is hosting its first annual Community Awards to honor organizations and individuals for dedication and commitment to the greater Akron community. Nominations are open through Friday, Sept. 16 at 5 p.m.

The winners will be honored at an award ceremony in spring 2023. Self-nominations are accepted. The four awards are:

  • Be the Change Citizen Award: Recognizes an individual who inspires lifelong learning and conservation action through exceptional volunteer service.
  • Unity Award for Community Partnership: Recognizes an outstanding community partner that demonstrates exemplary leadership in building collaborative pathways for the greater good of Summit County.
  • Educational Excellence Scholarship: Nominee demonstrates merit in creating excitement and stirring passion in others to become champions of the natural world through a STEM initiative.
  • Metamorphosis Award for Transformational Leadership: Acknowledges the achievement as a change leader in Summit County while demonstrating exceptional leadership through commitment and dedication to making a positive impact within the county.

The Education Excellence Scholarship will have two recipients – one for grades six through eight and one for grades nine through 12. Nominations for all four awards can be submitted at ∞