Trustees Corner

The Sagamore Hills road resurfacing went well. Trustees David DePasquale, John Zaccardelli and I graded it a thousand percent better than last summer’s road projects. The cost will be in the $900,000 range. The Summit County Engineer approved the overruns and we did not object. When these projects are put out to bid, the Summit County Engineer does the bid specs, and then deals with awarding the lowest and best bid for the job. The only part of this process the Sagamore Hills Board of Trustees is involved in is accepting the recommendations. We want to thank all of the residents who were affected by these projects for their patience.

The county engineer wanted to do total reclamation on Apple Hill Road and Greenwood Parkway. We rejected these recommendations as cost prohibitive. As an example, we did total reclamation on a section of Greenwood Parkway several years ago at the entrances of Route 82 up to Village Club Drive (about 3/10 of a mile). The cost was $600,000. Half the money came from a road grant that the four of us worked on. This year’s road grant had Sagamore Hills as first alternative. If another community who scored higher than we did cancels a project, we will be awarded the revenue and do the east side of Greenwood Parkway in the fall.


In late May, a young lady living with her parents in a Sagamore Hills HOA development came home in the evening and left her keys in the car. Later that night, at 3 or 4 a.m., three thieves casing cars spotted the keys and stole the car. Luckily, they were not class valedictorians because a week later they returned to the area in the stolen car, and the Macedonia Police Department captured one of the men (he was from Euclid) and the car. Police Chief David Hayes gave an “atta boy” to Det. Lt. Dan Rice for working on this case with Macedonia, and extends his gratitude to Macedonia Police Chief Jon Golden and the department for their assist.

Hayes reminds everyone to leave nothing of value in your car. Please lock all cars and garages at night, especially in a bad economy.

A number of concerns

I was asked to make fiscal projections for Sagamore Hills. The longest projection we can make is there will be no levies on the ballot in the next two years. It is impossible to speculate past this deadline. Here’s why: The national debt is 30.5 trillion dollars. In 1980, the US Federal Debt to GDP ratio was 34.61%; in 2000, 57.39%; today it is 129.58%. The expert pundits claim there is nothing to worry about. My dad used to say experts built the Titanic and amateurs built the Ark. As amateurs we will not speculate or project past a two-year period. We do have enough money in the township carryover to cover current rising costs.

Last call

Please do not feed wildlife, especially raccoons. The Sagamore Hills Police Department has put down three or four this year.

Any questions please call 330-467-4970.