Police Beat

May 24 – Police responded to an East Royalton Road residence after the homeowner reported the catalytic converter on his van had been cut off and stolen. The complainant said van had been parked in his driveway along with other cars when he noticed the van’s exhaust system was on the ground and not attached to the vehicle any longer. Damage is estimated at more than $1,300.

May 25 – Police were dispatched to Wiese Road after receiving a report of damage to the guardrail from the city’s service department foreman. The officer said it appeared as if a large vehicle, most likely a truck with dual rear tires, had driven off the right side of the road, striking the guardrail and causing dirt to be pushed into the northbound lane of travel. The vehicle allegedly backed up and left the scene.

May 28 – A 51-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant issued by Highland Heights police on charges of theft of a firearm. The woman was pulled over near Miller Road on state Route 21, taken into custody and turned over to Highland Heights Police. She was also cited on charges of failure to reinstate on an administrative license suspension and her vehicle was impounded.

May 29 – Police responded to a Sanctuary Circle residence after the homeowner reported that the outer pane of her double-glass patio door had been shattered. Police said the door appeared as if it had been shattered by a rock, but upon closer inspection, it appeared the force applied to break the glass happened between the panes to suggest the gas inside the panes forced the glass outward and that the damage hadn’t been caused purposefully.

May 31 – A 39-year-old Parma man was arrested on an outstanding warrant after he drove past a police officer who was observing traffic conditions and waved. The officer recognized the vehicle and the driver as being wanted by the department and pulled the vehicle over near Central School. The driver was arrested and taken into custody.

June 22 – An employee of the bank branch located in the Brecksville Heinen’s store contacted police after she got off work to find her car had been damaged on the left rear bumper. The individual who caused the damage did not leave any contact info at the scene, so police are reviewing security footage. ∞