New aquatics center roof resolves moisture issues

by Melissa Martin

June 21 city council meeting

Brecksville City Council approved more than $82,000 in change orders for the aquatics center roof, initially installed as part of the $9 million project.

Service Director Ron Weidig said the city was forced to replace the new roof after condensation from humidity inside the aquatics center collected on the roof’s interior during the winter. This resulted in dripping water, which made it appear as if it were “raining” inside the center.

After discussing the matter with the project contractor, Weidig said the city elected to remove the vented roof and replace it with a non-vented roofing system, which carried a higher price.

Once the replacement roof was installed, Weidig said the city hired a third-party to inspect the roof to make sure it is operating properly.

“The roof is dry, the humidity is now being kept where it should be and [everything] is functioning as it was designed,” he said, noting that the city also performed infrared scanning on the building to ensure nothing was leaking and that the building wasn’t suffering from heat loss. “We monitored it constantly over the winter, and we had absolutely no issues with it.”

Council also approved the installation of new roofs on the post office and Blossom Hill Building No. 10. Weidig said the current post office roof is more than 30 years old and was not leaking, but was overdue to be replaced. He said the shingles will be removed and replaced by Apple Creek Roofing for $13,470.

At Blossom Hill, the city has contracted with Colony Roofing at a cost of $8,900 to replace the roof and remove the chimney from the building that houses the Brecksville Co-Op Nursery School, Weidig said.

Council also approved $23,140 to replace the domestic hot/cold piping at Blossom Hill Building No. 5. The project will replace all the copper piping that serves the first-floor restrooms, laundry room and kitchen area for the athletics department.

Council also authorized the purchase of a Kubota worksite utility vehicle a $23,934.

New appointment

Brecksville Planning Commission member Monica Bartkiewicz was sworn in as director of planning and community development.

“She has done such a marvelous job since she joined the city’s planning commission in January that we were delighted when she decided to apply for this position,” Mayor Jerry Hruby said. “There was no question that out of the 40-plus candidates who applied she was the best to serve our city.”

Before making the move to Brecksville, Bartkiewicz served as community development planner/development administrator for Fairview Park.

As a result of her appointment in Brecksville, effective June 28, Bartkiewicz will no longer serve on the planning commission. Her last meeting was June 23.

Ballot issues approved

Council also voted to put the question of changing the zoning of 9457 Highland Drive on the ballot. If approved by voters, the zoning will change from C-F community facilities district to R-20 single family residential, with conditional use of C-F community facilities class C and D only.

The issue will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot

Also in the process of being approved is an ordinance to change the classification of 0000 S. Edgerton Rd. from L-B local business to include a planned overlay district. If approved by council, this issue will be decided by voters in November.