Stormwater billing adjusted, two North Fork Preserve projects funded

by Laura Bednar

June 6 township trustees meeting

The Summit County Engineer’s Office has notified residents and businesses about changes to the Surface Water Management District, effective January 2023, for the tax collection year 2022.

Bath Township Police Chief and Township Administrator Vito Sinopoli said residential properties are charged $4 per month for sewer and water management and non-residential properties are charged $4 monthly for every 3,000 square feet of impervious surface.

Per the changes, 680 homes in the township qualify for a homestead credit, that is, a 25% discount if the homeowner is a senior citizen, disabled or the spouse of a fallen first-responder. Totals fees are $36 per year.

Forty-one homes qualify for a 25% homestead discount and a 25% discount for being in an assessed subdivision, or subdivisions developed since the mid-1980s, for a total of $24 per year.

“This is not a new fee, just a change in the billing,” Sinopoli said.

North Fork Preserve

Trustees approved a $12,450 agreement with Ray Bertolini Trucking to install a new driveway access/apron with a new drive culvert to the North Fork Preserve and grade the park entrance sign. Park Director Alan Garner said this gives North Fork and the adjacent property separate access to the preserve.

More development took place on the future three-loop trail system at the preserve. Thomas Angle built a kiosk with open sides to provide information like park rules or maps as his Eagle Scout project.

The township received a $120,000 State Capital Budget grant for North Fork. Sinopoli said the money will primarily be used to renovate the onsite home into a public meeting space and create a parking area for those who use it.

County paving program

Bath Township is taking part in the Summit County Engineer’s regional paving program. According to Service Director Caine Collins, Bath has contributed funds toward three projects: paving and sealing on Majesty Court, Squires Court and Shade Road Extension for $212,732, slated to begin in July; asphalt paving on Shaw Road Extension and Sandin Drive for $282,011, slated to begin in July; and asphalt rejuvenating on Wye Road for $5,742 expected to start in June.

In other news:

  • The Fraternal Order of Police chose former Revere student Keira Holzman as the recipient of funds from the “No Shave November through April” fundraiser. Keira, age 11, had her leg amputated as the result of a rare, congenital condition. She received $800 from the police fundraiser.
  • Trustees approved paying Mini Trucks Ohio $31,200 for a Daihatsu Mini Truck with dump body and snow plow, approved for purchase at a previous meeting.
  • JoAnne Bondi was appointed a regular member of the Board of Zoning Appeals to fill the term vacated by Linda Hastings. The term will expire July 1, 2024. ∞