Revere Superintendent’s Corner

We’ve all reflected, deeply I am sure, on last month’s horrific Robb Elementary School shooting. Yet another senseless school shooting in our country. I will never be able to make sense of national tragedies like the one in Uvalde, Texas.

Designing, implementing and evaluating school security protocols are far from my original academic training. An educator at heart, teaching science was my passion, and the last 15 years of leading school systems as a superintendent was certainly my challenge.

I continue, quite sadly, to learn more and more about school security. My own professional development the last 10 years has been predominantly centered on school safety and security, not leadership, curriculum, pedagogical practices or assessment literacy. Superintendents and local boards of education are held accountable to make school safety and security a top strategic priority, and it seems that all school systems are still working on improved security policies, practices and strategies.

I feel so very fortunate to be surrounded by an incredibly committed, intelligent and available safety and security committee. Every school superintendent across America has a similar professional network to seek safety and security advice. However, in Revere, the committee just feels so much more engaged and deeply connected. It’s more than a “partnership” with this particular group. This collection of human capital is dedicated and committed like few others I have ever witnessed. It’s personal here!

The Revere Local Schools Safety and Security Committee is chaired by Richfield police officer and School Resource Officer Scott Dressler. He is supported by the Bath and Richfield Police Chiefs Vito Sinopoli and Michael Swanson; Bath and Richfield Fire Chiefs Robert Campbell and George Seifert; Bath’s Police Capt. Steve Brown and Richfield’s Asst. Police Chief Paul Fister; former Homeland Security representative and security consultant Tim DelVecchio; and our Revere Local Schools executive team of principals and central office administrators. Combine this committee with the mission and vision of the Revere Schools Foundation and you have quite a team! I will also be recommending a mental health professional to this important committee.

This group operates in closed-door sessions, for obvious reasons. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and professional, but they are community members, parents of our students/staff and as committed to protecting our schools as you have ever seen.

As we mourn another heartbreaking school shooting, please know that locally, a team of professionals are committed to the effort of protecting our schools and the precious assets of students and employees within those buildings, on our school buses and outside on our fields of competition.

This summer, like most summers, local school boards will evaluate school safety/security systems and look for opportunities to improve. If a member of our Revere community would like to provide thoughts, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to send us an email at

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