Revere analyzing success of strength and conditioning program

by Sheldon Ocker

May 17 school board meeting

Revere High School Principal Andy Peltz and Athletic Director Don Seeker have been engaged in an in-depth study of the school’s strength and fitness program as well as Revere’s relationship with the Crystal Clinic, which provides rehab services, and Sculpt Fitness, an off-site conditioning venue.

In addition to anecdotal information from community members, Peltz and Seeker surveyed coaches and met with parents to gauge their satisfaction with Revere’s facilities, equipment and the services provided by the Crystal Clinic and Sculpt Fitness.

Sixteen coaches responded to the survey, eight from boys sports, six from girls sports and two – swimming and track – which have male and female participants.

Some findings of the research reported to the board: The majority of Revere teams are not using the facilities frequently and consistently, especially in the offseason; rehabilitation functionality of the facility is limited; the facility is focused heavily toward experienced athletes and has little for those who are newer to strength and conditioning.

“One thing that was a little surprising to us is that some coaches gave us feedback that not all of the athletes wanted to go to the facility,’’ Peltz said. “Less than half felt it was an inviting, enticing place for their athletes. It was ‘somewhat’ [enticing] for the others.’’

The weight room, itself, was not an issue, according to Seeker and Peltz.

“The weight room, in our opinion and the people we talked to, is beautiful,’’ Seeker said. “But speaking with the parents group – there were three medical people represented [in that group] – they and the head football coach recommended that we need additional equipment, not just for our athletes, but for all of the students at Revere.’’

Peltz and Seeker said that Revere athletes seemed to suffer more injuries this school year.

“There were a significant amount of knee injuries,’’ the principial said, “especially among our female athletes.’’

In addition to the way Revere’s facilities are being used, many concerns of coaches and parents revolved around programs at Sculpt Fitness and the Crystal Clinic.

“We would like to explore the current relationship we have with the Crystal Clinic and other providers,’’ Peltz said.

Going forward, Peltz and Seeker will discuss current contracts and finances with Treasurer Rick Berdine. Beginning in June, staffing of the strength and conditioning program will begin and there will be an update to the board at its July meeting.

Ed Ash, who operates ACTIV Therapy in Richfield, made a recommendation to the board during time reserved for public input. Ash is a certified strength and conditioning coach and physical therapist with a master’s degree from Columbia University.

“The current provider has had more than enough time – in my opinion and in the opinion of some others – to show what they can do,’’ Ash said. “Respectfully, they are a fitness studio, and they offer a lot of great things. But are they really the right solution for our needs, our students?’’

Ash said he thinks the ideal solution is to have an in-house strength and conditioning coordinator, rather than send students to an outside fitness facility. He has a candidate for the job and presented the board with a list of the individual’s qualifications.

“This is a position, in my opinion, that should be employed by the school district,’’ Ash said.

In other business:

  • Assistant Superintendent Micki Krantz and Curriculum Coordinator Marcia Roach outlined a proposal for three courses in digital citizenship and literacy for middle school students. A nine-week course, Digital Citizenship, would be required of sixth- graders; Digital Literacy would be a nine-week course required of seventh-graders; and Digital Skills for the Young Entrepreneur would be a nine-week elective for eighth-graders.

No action will be taken until the June board meeting, at the earliest.

  • Donations included Lucyll Loper and Chloe Bair contributing $500 each to the Lisa Loper Scholarship; Protein Partner of Ohio LLC donating $300 to the Lisa Loper Scholarship; $100 contributions to the Lisa Loper Scholarship by Louis Brad and Suzanne Sutton-Vermeulen; a $3,000 gift from the Henry V and Frances W. Christenson Foundation to the Robert Gilbert II Memorial Scholarship; $1,000 contribution from Fussy Properties Ltd to the Barona Family Scholarship. ∞