Police Beat

In the south end of Richfield, a woman backing out of the driveway was so focused on yelling at her neighbor she backed into the ditch across the street. When officers arrived, her boy friend feigned ignorance as to her whereabouts but she was located in a living room closet. Neither party had outstanding warrants or temporary restraining orders so the officers told her to call a tow truck, placed flares around her vehicle and departed.

Several weeks later, this same woman entered her neighbor’s house, uninvited, and began yelling. This was the second time she had pulled such a stunt. When she refused to answer the door or her phone, the officer warned her through an open window not to step foot on her neighbor’s property.

In Glencairn Forest, police were called to intercede in a dispute over a fence between two properties. One man put it up; his neighbor tore it down. Each offered testimony as to land surveys, wandering geese and HOA rules. They were informed it was a civil matter.

A vehicle traveling eastbound on Everett Road hit a turkey, which flew into the path of a westbound vehicle causing front-end damage.

Returning from a hike in the Richfield Heritage Preserve a local resident had an unpleasant surprise. Her driver’s window was smashed and her purse “mostly tucked under the front seat” had been stolen.

Ten days later it happened to someone else. Witnesses saw a red and a silver SUV park on either side of a parked car, then leave after a few minutes. Three white males were observed.

An 82-year-old man was walking his dog in the Eastwood Preserve off Southern Road when three dogs escaped their enclosure and surrounded him in an aggressive manner. The victim fell while trying to control his dog. A passerby came to his rescue and identified the dogs as belonging to an adjoining property owner. The victim did not require medical attention. The animal control officer was to do a follow-up investigation.

A dark purple specialized rock-hopper bicycle was stolen from a residence on Medina Line Road.

It’s interesting how many drivers stopped for a traffic violation are also charged with one or more of the following: suspended license, outstanding warrants, OVI, DUI, possession of marijuana, drugs, drug paraphernalia or illegal possession of a firearm.

Meanwhile back at the motel: Cleveland Police advised of a possible overdose and Richfield police traced a cell phone ping to a local motel. A man was found in his room, unresponsive. His female companion was located wandering south on Brecksville Road and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

When a motel owner gave an ex-employee her last paycheck for $846, she asked if he would cash it and he complied. When he attempted to deposit the check he discovered she had electronically deposited the check in her account.

Officers were dispatched to a call concerning unwanted guests breaking glass and damaging a room. The man who answered the door stated he and two females were “play fighting.” An inspection of the room revealed multiply lights broken, things moved around and broken glass on the floor among other issues. The occupants were instructed to leave.

A woman checked out one morning and called in the afternoon to say she left her pistol under a pillow on the bed. The room had been cleaned and housekeeping did not report finding a gun. The lady could not immediately provide a serial number. ∞