Police Beat

April 22 – Police responded to a West Mill Road residence around 7:25 a.m. after receiving a call from a man who reported one of his sons fired a gun through the wall at his other son. After all occupants exited the home, police located a bullet in the ceiling and evidence of drug use and potential drug manufacturing in the suspect’s bedroom. Among the drugs located were marijuana, cocaine and hashish. The suspect was arrested and charged with felonious assault; illegal manufacture of drugs; trafficking; possession of cocaine, marijuana and hashish; and domestic violence..

April 24 – A man was arrested on charges of violating a protection order after trying to gain access to his parents’ house on Silverbrook Court. Police said the man said he returned to his parents’ home after being released from jail because he had nowhere else to go.

April 26 – Four catalytic converters were reported stolen from trucks parked outside a business located at the on East Royalton Road. The owner told police she spotted the missing parts after she noticed one of the truck’s mufflers hanging on the ground.

April 26 – The owner of a home on Old Royalton Road told police her tenant damaged her property, including four windows. She also reported the garage door is dented to the point where it will no longer open.

April 26 – A Millwood Drive resident reported three bottles of medication and six rings missing from her home. She told police she believes her estranged son may be responsible.

April 29 – A Stratford Drive resident reported his Ring camera system caught his neighbor cutting string and removing several stakes from the complainant’s tree lawn. After pulling the stakes, the neighbor was then spotted giving the home a double middle finger gesture and then got into an SUV and left the area. The woman later told police the man does not have the right to block her dogs from using his tree lawn to “do their business.” She was arrested on charges of theft and criminal mischief.

May 2 – A local storage facility patron contacted police to report that he took his recreational vehicle out of storage and discovered crack pipes and cut-up soda cans inside it.

May 2 – The owner of a Treeworth Boulevard business contacted police to report more than $4,800 in fraudulent charges made from her business bank account using her debit card.

May 3 – A Wyatt Road resident reported his catalytic converter had been stolen from his 2006 Honda CRV. The man said he took the car to the shop that day thinking he needed a new muffler, however the mechanic later informed him the missing catalytic converter was the cause of the loud noise he’d been hearing. The man reviewed Ring camera footage and discovered a suspect removing the unit from the vehicle around 10:30 p.m. the previous evening.

May 4 – Police responded to Brecksville-Broadview High School after a student was reportedly jumping and running about a classroom in an out-of-control manner. The student initially ran from school’s assistant principal but returned willingly. He was found in possession of two vape devices under the age of 21 and was cited accordingly.

May 7 – Police responded to the turnpike service plaza after receiving a report of a male passed out in a restroom. Upon arrival, police administered multiple doses of Narcan, however the suspect remained unresponsive. He began convulsing rapidly while secured to the stretcher on which he was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

May 7 – Police responded to a Sprague Road residence after the homeowner located a locked, green ammo crate near his property. The contents, which include a glass pipe with residue, a taser-style weapon, capped needles and more, was taken as evidence.

May 12 – Police responded to a Broadview Road business where a supervisor had an employee in custody for shoplifting. The manager told police the employee stole merchandise valued at $135, including a bottle of champagne, which was found in the employee parking lot after it was empty. The man was suspended from his job until the conclusion of the case.

May 13 – Another catalytic converter was reported stolen from a 2022 Ford Jayco RV parked in a driveway. The part is valued at $500. ∞