Mayor’s Corner

Summer is here!  I wish everyone safe and fun travels.

The cemetery board recently sent rule updates to council who then approved them. New rule signs are posted in both Richfield cemeteries.

We are currently taking applications for part-time positions in our zoning department, service department and our dispatch center. The complete job descriptions and applications are available on our website.

A new broadband coalition, Broadband Access Ohio, has been formed to educate and share information about publicly owned broadband. Any organization interested in joining the coalition or learning more about the plans for educating and informing the public and the legislatures should contact Ernie Staten, by phone at 330-668-9550 or 330-668-3300, or email at He is the Fairlawn director of public service and his address is 3300 Fairlawn Service Dr., Fairlawn, 44333.

The administration is in final stages of updating the technology in council chambers to allow in person and live streaming of meetings.

We are proceeding aggressively with our paving program for 2022. June will see the beginning of 14 street resurfacing projects.

Through May 12 we collected $13,123,945 of the $35,795,736 budgeted for all funds revenue, or 36.7% of the budget. On the expenditure side, the village spent $14,175,985 overall through May 12, or 32.1% of the $44,155,558 budgeted for expenditures. The expected rate through mid-May should be approximately 37.5% of the budget being expended. Looking only at the general fund, 43.6% of the revenues have been collected and 35.3% of the budget was expended.

If you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact me or my executive assistant at 330-659-9201, ext. 234 or email me at ∞