Township Corner

I thank everyone who voted for our road levy. We usually run levies early so if they fail we have time to run them again in the fall. The Joint Economic Development District is generating income as development continues, which allowed us to decrease the levy amount. I hope that trend continues.

The county engineers sponsored a township association meeting at the Richfield Heritage Preserve and talked about using American Rescue Plan Act funds for EPA mandated stormwater control projects. Some of those funds should be used in Richfield Township.

In other business we purchased a woodchipper from the Richfield Joint Recreation District for $20,000 for our road department. That money will help RJRD with some of their projects and still have chipping help from the township when needed.

The Kings Forest road project should be done by June 1. The township received an $11,000 discount for work done last fall on that project. We hope that projects could move along as planned but weather and help shortages can’t be helped.

Fuel will be a big expense in the upcoming year for everybody. We only can try to conserve when possible.

We will be going back to in-person meetings soon; hopefully we will see you there.

As always, have a safe summer. It will be good to be able to get together with family and friends again. ∞