Revere Notebook

Revere High School students Nicole Coveney and Claire Palopoli were winners in the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition competition, and their works are on display in the Rhodes Office Tower in Columbus. According to Robert Pierson, Revere art teacher, there were 8,095 entries, divided into eight regions around the state. Initial judging trimmed that number to 3,133.

“Those were judged by art professors from universities around the country offering scholarships,’’ he said. That round of judging cut a final group of entries to 348, among them the works of Palopoli and Coveney.

Eleven Bath Elementary fifth graders were recognized for their achievements in the Math Olympics. Enrichment teacher Anita Coen said the competition involved taking five tests, and that the maximum score was 25. The top Bath participant, Ryan Parmelee, had 24 points and Liam Blower, who finished just behind Parmelee, had 23, both scores being among the top two percent. Celia Shiban and Putnam Wemple tied for third. They were followed by Mark Kyei, Adam Herrera, Felicity Jarzenski, Zach Hays and Lily Boelter. Tied for 10th place were Samantha Brubaker and Graeme Wilson.

Revere High’s varsity cheer squad was honored for qualifying for the state tournament and was the only Northeast Ohio squad to do so. The squad included Emery Banks, Alyssa Bright, Ava Farnham, Kayla Hamilton, Madi Morrill, Piper Pitchford and Kendall Thomas.

The Revere High School competitive cheer team placed eighth in the state cheer competition.

Seven Richfield Elementary students received certificates and were presented to the board of education for their exemplary behavior and being Revere Ready. The group: Grace Verde, Ruby Krupa, Jackson Graham, Graham Youngberg, Ryleigh Murphey, Jeremy Papay and Lilly Corman.

Revere Middle School students Jade Steiger, Isaac Maletich and Jasmine Oladeji were recognized as being emblematic of the Vision of a Minuteman ideal. Besides performing well in the classroom, Steiger tutors fellow students in math, Maletich plays AAU basketball and Oladeji is a natural leader.

The Revere Boys Tennis Team won the American Conference League Championship.∞