Police Beat

Officers went to a residence in South Richfield and arrested a woman for violation of a protection order on that address. The lady, being extremely uncooperative refused to get dressed but was eventually taken into custody along with a pair of pants and shoes. On the way to the Summit County Jail, she regaled the transporting officer with her clever use of profanities. Alcohol was involved.

In one night, catalytic converters were stolen from eight company vehicles at four scattered locations in the Village. A Dewalt Sawzall was involved.

Responding to an accident on I-77 NB, officers encountered the driver laughing and smiling as he recounted driving his car into a ditch. He continued to laugh as he failed a series of field sobriety tests. Things got a little more serious when he was cited for OVI and failure to control.

A car was pulled over for passing on a double yellow line. In conclusion, he was cited for overtaking/passing, OVI with a reading of .170 and using a firearm while intoxicated.

The driver of an SUV found in a ditch said he made an error when turning onto Black Road from Brush. His error of drinking and driving was exacerbated by possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

A rehab and nursing facility reported that a possible kidnapping investigation revealed the resident’s family members removed him to a VA hospital without informing the staff.

A woman on her way to work encountered a construction van traveling under the speed limit, swerving and breaking indiscriminately. When she passed it and continued on, the van followed her into the employee parking lot. The driver exited his vehicle and began screaming and berating her until she pulled out her phone and began recording. He left, the police arrived, end of story.

Meanwhile, back at the motel. Police were called to a disturbance between the desk clerk and former employee. The woman stated her last paycheck did not accurately reflect work performed. She was informed she would have to seek redress through small claims court.

Officers responded three times in 24 hours to calls of a gentleman exhibiting aberrant behavior. The third time he was accused of absconding with his girlfriend’s service dog. Each time the officers were able to mollify the individual. Illegal drugs were involved.

Officers were called to a domestic disturbance that other guests feared was escalating. The couple was “going through relationship issues” but their confrontation had not become physical although their room was in disarray. They were each cited for disorderly conduct and the man, having several warrants, was turned over to the Ohio State Patrol. ∞