Trustee’s Corner

Here we are closing out May, and I end my first five months in office. I want to thank all the residents who have reached out to me to share their gratitude, support, concerns and thoughts for our future. This role has been more rewarding than I ever expected, and I appreciate you all.

Earlier this year, the Highland Board of Education requested the old Hinckley Elementary School be re-zoned from residential to business. This request has gone before the county and was approved by a 9-2 vote. The Hinckley Zoning Board recently had two public hearings on this and voted to deny the request by a 3-1 vote. This request has now moved to the Board of Trustees, and there will be a public hearing with a vote immediately following on Tuesday, May 31, at 6:30 p.m. I hope we can have as much public participation as the zoning board received. To re-zone a property is a big decision that has the potential to change the makeup of town center permanently. Please email the trustees or come to the meeting to share your thoughts on this.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Hinckley Fire Department. Unfortunately, several statements were made prior to the facts being released. Let me stress that different models have been presented for discussion only and no decisions have been made. All three trustees fully support increasing staffing to three-man coverage at the Fire Station 24/7. There has been no mention of disbanding the fire department or EMT services. This will be a topic discussed at the next several meetings. I hope you can attend these meetings in person or via Zoom, or watch the videos as they are posted on YouTube.

Thanks to all of our veterans and their families for their sacrifices. ∞