Revere Superintendent’s Corner

Celebrating the Class of 2022

This class of seniors has experienced and, I am extremely pleased to write, overcome historic challenges. The class of 2022 has navigated through a multi-year global pandemic and a divided political landscape that made designing public policy on their behalf arduous. They, nevertheless, persevered and prevailed.

This class is leading with a social ecosystem of kindness and equality that is the envy of many. They are consistently lifting each other up and supporting their peers and staff. They are each other’s champions. They study, celebrate, dance, compete, and perform with each other like we rarely see. Their prom, for example, was a beautiful evening of apparel, fellowship, and a whole lot of dancing and fun. Never a hint of disagreement. They seemingly find the good in everything.

As we celebrate our graduates, I thought our readers might enjoy some interesting facts about this class:

Number of students graduating: 194.

Honors/awards/scholarships: On June 1, over 200 awards will be distributed to students, including over $100,000 in local scholarships.

Three students with perfect ACT scores: Jackson Campbell, Rohit Dasanoor and Drake Du.

13 National Merit Scholars represented by:

Seven National Merit Finalists: Nnemdi Amanambu, Samuel (Sam) Bockstoce, Jackson Campbell, Sanchita Chandran, Rohit Dasanoor, Drake Du, and Jonathon Valentine.

Six National Merit Commended Scholars: Maxwell (Max) Crisalli, Aditya (Adi) Desai, William (Will) Krew, Jacob Looman, Aaron Stalnaker, and Meredith Stein.

This class of future leaders were part of the design and implementation for several new traditions at Revere High School:

  • Senior Sunrise took place this fall with seniors enjoying early morning doughnuts and hot chocolate while bonding as a class.
  • Class Day included an afternoon of class competitions. Students participated in strength of body and mind events, wore their class color/theme, and filled the gymnasium with absolutely incredible school spirit.
  • Passing of the Scroll is a symbolic ceremony which welcomes the current eighth-graders to RHS and honors our seniors one last time in front of the whole school district. The senior class president prepared a brief speech highlighting the class and provided noteworthy words of wisdom to the student body.

The class president then “passes a scroll” containing a special quote/phrase to next year’s senior class president.

Following this ceremony, the senior class walked through each of our school buildings. The experience sets the future and vision for our younger students and truly generates goosebumps from observers.

Graduation will take place at Blossom Music Center on Sunday, June 5, at 1 p.m. Please join me in celebrating and applauding the class of 2022. They are an impressive class of students who will be tremendously missed.

Revere Pride: Living It Everyday! ∞