Bath School Students of the Month

Grade 3, Ziva Humphrey: Ziva sets an example as a quiet and a consistent leader in the classroom. She is found frequently helping others around her and has a positive attitude. She is a caring and thoughtful student who works hard, stays organized and actively participates in class.

Grade 4, Sai Deepshika Gumaplli: Deepshika is an outstanding student who remains on task and gives her best effort. She is reliable, responsible, and trustworthy. Her kind nature, positive attitude and dedication to her schoolwork make her an exceptional student.

Grade 4, Sienna Baxter: Sienna is an all around wonderful young lady. She comes to school with a smile and a positive attitude. Sienna has an incredibly kind heart and is always offering to help others when they might need it.

Grade 5, Joey Shimp: Joey is full of positive energy and is eager to help another peer or teacher in need. He is a delight to be around and has great leadership skills when working with others. Joey is creative, patient and has a flexible attitude. ∞