A message from the Izaak Walton League

To the Editor,

We all love to hike, walk our dogs, drive, horseback ride, or just look out our windows to enjoy nature.

There are many ways we can make sure our soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife live in harmony. There are many organizations and government agencies that can help you to achieve this goal. We have the obligation to protect the environment from flooding, fire, pollution or any damage to it.

We can live in nature with harmony if we use it in a proactive way and respect it. So do your research and educate yourselves and share your knowledge with your neighbors, friends and government. Let’s live with nature and not fight it. We need to help nature to do what it is created to do: Give us life.

Please come to Bath Township Hall to pick up your free copies of two booklets on conservation easements and storm water management.

Keep in mind we only lease this planet for future generations. A healthy planet is a healthy body.

Ivan Hack

President of Bath-based Headwaters Chapter of the Izaak Walton League ∞