Positive calls home brighten parents’ days

As a way to continue to enhance the culture at North Royalton Elementary School, students are now being recognized for their achievements and rewarded with the opportunity to join the principal in making a positive phone call home.

“I absolutely love it when our Bears are so eager to share news about their positive behavior at school with someone special at home,” said Principal Kirk Pavelich. “There literally is nothing better than seeing the students light up when making these calls and hearing the pride in the voices of the family members on the other end of the line.”

Pavelich said he has been eager to implement this practice at North Royalton Elementary School after reading the book, “Eyes on Culture: Multiply Excellence in Your School” by Emily Paschall. In the book, Paschall, an elementary administrator in Alabama, details how positive phone calls home quickly became something she loved, along with her students and their parents.

“It might only take a few minutes to make these phone calls,” Pavelich said, “but their impact will last a lifetime.” ∞