Indy-based NFP creates modern workspace

by Dan Holland

For NFP, a full-service brokerage and consulting firm, the consolidation of two business groups into one in its new office space at 6450 Rockside Woods Blvd. S., will better serve its customers while providing a more holistic work environment, according to Managing Director Jim Dustin.

“The new space is all completely open and glassed in, so there’s no longer that traditional dark office quality,” he explained. “We have access to significantly better community work spaces so that we can bring in clients in a way that we couldn’t before.”

The firm, which moved into its new 6,600-square-foot space located in Corporate Plaza 1 on Feb. 7, combined its local property/casualty and employee benefits groups into one space that includes a glass wall system, modern kitchen area, private office spaces, team collaboration spaces and a wellness room for nursing mothers.

“We had two traditional old-style office spaces prior, and we kind of re-envisioned the work space around today’s employee’s needs, which is more of an ergonomically-correct environment,” said Dustin. “We have standing desks with up-and-down options. It’s a much more modern space built around more of a hoteling concept. We have a flexible hybrid employee work schedule with some employees in the office at one point, others at home and everything in between.”

The new office space was designed by Erbach Waddell Architects of Cleveland to be a more employee-friendly environment.

“We provide a lot of resources to employees as far as mental health and well-being; just trying to keep them happy and focused in these strange times we now live in,” Dustin continued. “We wanted to give them access to resources to make it a much more people-first office culture. We certainly like the Rockside Road area; it’s a great business location for us, and it’s centrally located.”

Future NFP goals include increasing the 46-employee staff locally and expanding the company’s presence both in Ohio and across the nation, said Dustin.

”We’re a pretty big company nationally, and we have some pretty aggressive growth plans in the works for both the Columbus and Cincinnati areas,” he said. ∞